Premier Elkhorn Coal Company

Headquartered near Myra, Ky., in Pike County, Premier Elkhorn Coal Co. has both underground and strip mines, providing high quality steam coal for utilities, specialty stoker products for ferro-silicon and industrial uses, PCI coals for steel mills and other metallurgical products.

Facilities at Premier Elkhorn include a state-of-the-art unit train load-out with 200-car siding capable of loading up to 6,000 tons per hour, as well as single-car siding.

Products from Premier Elkhorn are shipped domestically via rail and truck. Internationally, products are shipped from Davant, La.

Premier Elkhorn Fast Facts:
Locations: Pike County, KY Plant Capacities 1,100 Tons/Hr Raw Feed
Origin Railroad: CSXT Plant Equipment: Heavy media vessel, cyclones & spirals
Freight District: Big Sandy Clean Coal Storage: +250,000 tons
Shipping Points: 84932 Myra &84938 Burke Branch Refuse On-site storage
Acres Controlled: + 81,000 Inbound Sampling: 2 Ramsey truck augers
Recoverable Tons: +84 million Plant Sampling: Ramsey 2-Stage Sweep & Single Stage Sweep
Quality System: ISO-9000 Plant Control: PLC
Mining Capacity: 5.0 million tons/year Load Out Sampling: Ramsey 3-Stage Sweep
Mining Methods: Underground/Surface Load Out Control: Gamma-Metrics 1812-C On-Line Nuclear Analyzer
Load Out Capacities: 200 cars Lab Testing: In-house & independent commercial laboratories
Load Out Times: 4 hours Coal Seams: Amburgy, Elkhorn #1, Elkhorn #2, Glamorgan, Lower Elkhorn, Whitesburg, Elkhorn #3 and Hazard #4