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Three Best Pick Security Techs for Your House

House’s safety is supposed to cover protection against crimes and disasters. Before the security technology is as advanced as now, getting notified when there was something wrong in the house was a slow process. And at that time, in most cases, the owner knew once things were already out of hand. Nevertheless, today’s technology has come to assist us in improving the security at our home. Read the further discussion below!

High-Tech Surveillance Cameras

outdoor cctvSurveillance/security cameras used to require a lot of hassles to function. They could only record objects that happened to be in front of them. The image resolution of the videos was also limited. Data storage was a concerning issue because the cameras used cassettes to store the videos. And the worst disadvantage of all was that you could not watch the videos from the security cameras while you were on the go.

Today, advanced cameras have 360-degrees fields of view, night vision, speakers, microphones, facial recognition, voice control, wireless features, and smartphone integration. The recommended brands that have those features are Sentry 360 Security Inc., Netamo Welcome, Nest Cam, and Clever Loop. If you want to check other models, you can visit for detailed reviews.

Smart Locks

door handleThe smart lock technology is a smartphone-integrated locking mechanism. It means that you can always monitor your house’s locks from your phone! However, you should not be afraid of the risk of malfunction because most models still support the traditional key system. Nest X Yale Lock, Kwikset Kevo Touch 2nd Generation, Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (BE469NX CEN619), Yale Assure Lock SL (YRD 256), and Gate Smart Lock have the most positive reviews from the users.

Smart-Home Hubs

If you do not like the idea of spending too much time on security techs and running them separately, then you must learn the smart-home technology. Instead of having multiple smart home providers and apps on your phone, you can integrate all the techs you have into one device, the smart-house hub. It is the brain of a smart-home that can enable many tasks to be automated and integrated into one system.

If you use a hub, you can control your smart locks, surveillance cameras, alarms, sensors, etc., from one device or app. Insteon Hub, Lowe’s Iris Smart Hub, Logitech Harmony Hub, Nexia Bridge, Samsung SmartThings, and VeraPlus Home Controller are the systems that you might want to try. However, it is crucial to note in mind that once you improve your home with smart-home technology, you will be very dependent on the Internet connection. Therefore, do not upgrade your home entirely unless you can assure the quality of your house’s internet and power supply.